You don't need an engineer when purchasing printed matter

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Printed matter is an important part of corporate communication. There are many ways to buy printed matter cheaply and quickly. A good option is to purchase via a web-based print procurement system, which collects orders with the same specification and constellation and can therefore of course achieve a competitive advantage.


But who, who is not employed in the company's own advertising department, is familiar with the extensive requirements of data specifications, material selection, processing types, etc.? Small and medium-sized businesses in particular often fail because of this and are therefore unable to take advantage of the opportunities.


Here is my approach:
Another option is to purchase printed matter OFF-Line through a print expert, which includes all procurement measures for printed objects.


  •     You are an exhibitor at the Frankfurt/M trade fair. and urgently need price lists, brochures, business cards.
  •     You are hosting a meeting or training and urgently need flipcharts, notepads, posters.
  •     You are at Frankfurt Main Airport and your business cards are missing
  •     You always need up-to-date, printed and bound work instructions for your employees - Policies / Working Instructions